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Company Information (公司信息)

Company Name (公司名称): 
Province (省份): 
City (城市): 
Address (地址): 
Kailin Rd.,Huinan lnd.Dist.,Quanzhou,Fijian,PRC
Established (成立时间): 
Business Type (业务类型): 
Manufacture & Trading Company
Employee (员工人数): 
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Industry Category (行业分类)

Industry Relevance (相关行业): 
Gifts;Home Decorations
Product Relevance (相关产品): 
Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments;Festival Products;Gifts and Premiums;Toys;Gardening Products;Home Decorations;Art Ceramics
Contact Method (联系方式)

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Simon Wei
Contact Title (联系人职位)
General Manager
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Introduction (介绍)
Richware Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Quanzhou, formerly known as Quanzhou Caixia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., was established in 2005. We have more than 200 staff members, including more than 10 designers and salesmen (or sales ladies). Our company is located in Quanzhou City, with Xiamen Seaport nearby. In Quanzhou, we are a famous supplier of polyresin products. We provide a wide range of polyresin items, such as religious products, Christmas decorations, Halloween items, Easter items, antique items, Indian Gods, angels, figurines, animals, resin garden fountains, sport trophies, travel gifts, and some other statues. We also provide Ceramics, glass fountains, bags, shoes, money boxes and some other metal ware. In 2007, we established an international trade department and attended international Fair, the Canton Fair and Yiwu Fair every year. We are cooperating with our customers and work as agent in Yiwu market. In Yiwu, we have offices and warehouses. We provide a day of "Three Star" Hotel free accommodation. During purchasing, we pay all the food cost and travel reimbursement. At the same time, we help our customers book cheap hotels and provide airfare and tickets information on behalf of hotels, restaurants, conference rooms. To allow customers to obtain the greatest benefits, we provide a one-way plane ticket for our long-term customers. We are cooperating with our customers on the base of reasonable price, good quality, the best service and timely delivery. We sincerely welcome domestic and overseas clients to cooperate with us and create a brilliant future.

Other Company (其他公司)