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Company Information (公司信息)

Company Name (公司名称): 
Province (省份): 
City (城市): 
Zhuzhou Liling
Address (地址): 
Established (成立时间): 
Business Type (业务类型): 
Manufacture & Trading Company
Employee (员工人数): 
Registered Capital (注册资本): 
Annual Turnover (年营业额): 
Industry Category (行业分类)

Industry Relevance (相关行业): 
Gifts;Consumer Goods
Product Relevance (相关产品): 
Gifts and Premiums;General Ceramics;Household Items;Kitchenware & Tableware
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Other Information (其他信息)

Factory Size (厂房面积)
13300 square meters
Engineer (工程师)
Below 10 People
RD Staff (研发人员)
Below 10 People
QC Staff (质控人员)
Below 10 People
Introduction (介绍)
Hunan Wing Star Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in Liling City, enjoying a scenic environment. Our products have achieved a number of international quality licenses, including Export Certification, Manufacture Permit of Exportation to the USA Free-Inspection Quality Qualification and International Standard Organization 9001 Certification. Our attendances at the Frankfurt International Fair and Chinese Export Commodities Fair have solidified our focus on overseas marketing. We have established business relationships with customers from more than 20 countries around the globe. As a result, our company has been awarded as the "Advanced Exporting Unit" and "Major Unit of Exporting Profit". Our company maintains enriched technical capability. Since 2001, we have developed three generations of products which include 6 series and more than 2000 categories, and have developed more than 30 colors of glaze series, such as gloss glazes, dull glazes, matte glazes, plots and additive colors including 1000 categories. Our products have perfect heat endurance and are fit for machinery washing. The abstract contents of PB and CD are in accordance with international standards. Our quality control system includes a semi-manufactured group, a finished product quality control group and finally a product quality control group. All of the members in the quality control department have accepted provincial quality standard trainings and 4 of them have achieved Quality Auditor Certification of International Standards Organization 9001. Our quality control department firmly executes quality control standards to ensure the quality of every batch of products and to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. At Wing Star our staff members diligently work to improve products and services. We promise to provide every customer with the best quality, first-rate services and the competitive prices. Wing Star welcomes customers all over the world to create a brilliant future.

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